Monday, February 16, 2009

New Challenge

Ladies and Gents,

I glad all of you got your post in on time, way cool. Of course Koma made himself the winner. He is a bad guy/judge. If I were judging, I would of given it to Jon. I like your mean streak.

However, now someone has to go.

Who will that be?





Is Cyclops.

Ooppsss...Wrong pic.

Your are not the World's Toughest Henchman.

Now for your next challenge.

You must audition new members for the Masters of Evil.

Baron Zemo wants you to weed through the losers. Keep in mind two things.1.Some of the wannabe's might try and bully you 2.You can you the casting couch if needed, wink wink. You will have two hours each to deal with tryouts.

Dental for All.

Raptor Jesus rules.

1 comment:

Cyclops said...

Story of my life - always a bridesmaid.