Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Challenge 5 - Hollywood or bust

At the Henchman union we are regularly called in to provide extra man power. Doom, AIM, and of course the Republican Party.

We've had a call from HYDRA that requires your individual expertise. In fact Madam Hydra herself came to ask Henchy if he had the manpower to accomodate her needs. Henchy left with Madam Hydra to -ahem- hammer out the deatails and hasn't come back. So its up to me to issue you with the challenge for this week.

As you all know there is an up and comming movie about the Super spy Nick Fury. HYDRA are not impressed at all with this piece of unadulterated fluff. Not that its got anything to do with the fact that Fury has almost single handedly thwarted all of HYRDA's plans. Of course not its got to do with recruiting. At least thats what Madam Hyrda said and Henchy was inclined to support her position and just about any other position as well.

So this is your mission -

Get to Hollywood
Stop the Fury movie

Now in your way are the usual movie security.

However there are SHIELD agents and possibly a few super heroes.

Fury just might be there himself as well.

Also you'll have a guest competitor this round.

So lets get to it and ruin that movie.

ewww! Why did I say that?


Mr. Bennet said...

I know we're not supposed to shoot fellow competitors, but what about guest competitors?

captain koma said...

Who knows I just may shoot you.