Monday, February 16, 2009

Best round yet...

No really I thought it was brilliant you all stepped up and tried to please me. The power I have over you in this is amazing. Can't let it go to my head. Whoops! too late! I'm in drill sargent mode.

Bennet for being so late drop and give me twenty push ups. You sniveling little sack of puss you couldn't even kill Russel Crowe the first time so you had to do it again. He's a New Zelander he should be easy to kill. They don't even have an army. Then there's the anti-semtic nonsense. You want Mossad to come kick your ass? They'll steal you away in the night and no one will know what happend to you. If think Guantanamo was bad you wait till you see a Kibutz.

Cyclops stand up straight when I'm judging you. And stop trying to dress like a girl I'll have no sissies in my army. What in all hell did you do in suggesting anything to Joel Schumacher? Don't you know that man is so camp that his house has nipples and a cod piece? He can't start the day without putting someone in leather and latex. Apart from that you did a darn site better than when you went AWOL.

Match how absoultley amazing that it took you this long for you to write a piece I'd actually use to wipe my ass with. Despite your fourth wall shenadigans and lambasting of JonIG you still managed to put me too sleep with boredom before it ended. You better fly right boy otherwise your the next piece of trash I'm going to eject from this game show.

Gyrobo let me be frank with you. Using corpses to store and weaponise diseases is a stroke of utter genius. The way you went about almost getting caught was a shocking case of stupidity. Next time you try to weaponise a corpse make sure that its concealed correctly in a time release contianer. Your over confidence will be the end of you. And stop trying to give those tweleve dozen roses I will NOT be your funny valentine.

Koma you think the sun shines out of your ass and everyone needs to know about it. You start out with great ideas but end up giving a toddler his own sex toy. You are a twisted indiviual and I never want to see your face around here again.

Jon IG. I finally worked out whatIG stand for Imbecillic Gnat. You used up all the easy ideas and posted early just to make sure that no one did them before you. All those easy plot lines and you still didn't make me smile once. Have you ever heard of the term "shooting fish in a barrel"? Well your not pushing yourself enough boy. If you think your going to win this contest like this then your sorely mistaken. Your running the obstacle course till you realise the potential your wasting.

Now as for the fianl formalities of this judgement I need to give you all a winner.



Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...
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Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Koma won? What a surprise.

Oh by the way Mardge, that was sarcasm.

Mr. Bennet said...

Whaaa??? This is like entering a pig in a sheepdog contest! Ludicrous!

captain koma said...

Who cares I won.

Baa Ram Ewe