Friday, February 6, 2009

Match: Challenge 4

Cool I get to work for the Legion of Doom, and prove myself to my father. Lex Luthor. I have his DNA the same, as Kon, and Lena but he sees me as an abomination and that fool Kon as the heir to the Luthor throne. He's not even evil.

I walk into father's office and find this scene.

"Ahh the disgusting copy." Father glares. “I would destroy you but I did dign a contract with WTH, and the Henchman Union. so do try to not mess up too much , and stay out of my way. Otis will give you the assignment."

Some fat guy with a funny hat told me “Mister Lew-thor don't want no problemes understand? I know it's hard for you bizarros... "

I growl at the idiot " I'm not a bizarro at least not anymore give me that toady!" I grab the instructions out of his hand.

Unfortunately the first thing I had to do was clean up what was left of a couple of Sinestro Corps members who had laughed at Bizarro. Then all of the sudden I hear Solomon Grundy yelling "Braniac disgusting Braniac must wear pants or Solmon Grundy crush!"

I use my TTK to make the two stop fighting by keeping them immobilized.

Braniac accuses" You are just jealous that the ladies like my smooth legs, and not you're disgusting yeti legs!" Ladies? I thought Braniac was a robot.

The huge zombie starts crying “you are right Solomon Grundy is disgusting!"

"Don't worry old friend." Braniac says with a much softer tone “I know plenty of hair removal techniques from across the galaxy! We will find the right one for you!"

By this time I had let them go from the TTK and Grundy put Braniac into a bear hug "You are good friend to Solomon Grundy! Let's start removing hair." I got out of there before it got anymore disturbing.

In like fifteen minutes I had to throw out some super villainess making a disturbance by taking her shirt off and dancing on the tables. Of course I was disappointed to learn it was Fury.

I had to kick her out of the LOD, I'm going to pay for that when she sobers up. At the lasy half of my shift I had t keep undesirables out. Like this guy who looked like DR. Who on crack.

" I am the Crazy Quilt I used to beat up Robin! I'm sure I'm expected!" He's proud of beating up Robin? Who hasn't? But anyway he refused to go away after I told him he wasn't on the list so I punched him in the face.

I threw what was left over into the swamp. That made lamos like Asbestos man , Signal man and the Hyno- Hustler get out of the line . Well except for Kite Man. .He tried to be tricky, and fly into the Legion of Doom from the roof.

I blew him away with my super breathe. He hit this weird tree , and i hadidn't see him for thr rest of my shift maybe he learned his lesson? Huh I can't shake the feeling there's something up with that tree.

Lex of course didn't care for my efforts, and scorned me so I decided to disguise my self as Conner, and tell him off. That had the opposite result of what I was expecting. " I'm so proud of you Conner! That's how i used to talk to my father! You're a chip off the old block! Now if you hurry you can catch that failed clone of yours, and make proud by killing him!"

Ugh! That Ugh! What's worse was Fury drunkenly found herself at some club trashed it, and ended up on the paper for fighting then making out with a trio of superpowered teen girls.
At least the press blamed it on Wonder girl that's something at least. Oh yeah , and found out Solomon Grundy found himself a girl...



Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

She's kind of cute.

Just keep her away from my brains.

Cyclops said...

Is Fury a mutant? We could probably use her on the X-Men. She looks like a really good person.

captain koma said...

ummm! Yeah that was a bit rambling. Greet and toss number 2.