Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greet and toss...

Ok you guys have done a good job with this task. In fact I was quite surprised with your posts.

They all didn't suck.

Match - Nice work there Braniac has always been the romantic of the leauge. As for Grundy wanting some love well big guys andgirls need love too. I always wondered what happened to Kite-Man. As for Fury she looks good but there's not much apart from that, she needs to stay. In fact if she was playing instead of you I think she'd be winning.

Jon IG - Light entertainment award winner. Yep light on you were. We expect more for a man who ran with Optiums Prime for the Presidency. There hasn't been a monkey boy in sight let alone a certian Pvt. Hudson.

Gyrobo - Can you get any better? Maybe you can? But your leading the pack here.

Cyclops - Almost as light as Jon IG but you made more fun of it. Would like to know what happened during your boring hour.

Bennet - I am often accused of bias against you. Thats true. You worked well with what you had. I enjoyed it a lot. No really I did. It was good.

Who wins well. Its a little easy to tell by my response to his post.

Its 2 for 2 for Gyrobo.