Monday, February 2, 2009

Judging is made easy again...

The thing I find quite hard to beleive is that we have another AWOL player.

Perhaps the Henchman life just got too hard for Cyclops. Either that or he got scared and wanted his mommy. It doesn't really matter because he's out now.

So lets go through the remaining players.

Bennet - Slick pacing and good choice for super pet to neuter. I laughed at the pinky and the brain joke. Its was good.

Gyrobo - A long tale about pirates and a struggle for freedom. Also a convienent way to explain that you couldn't neuter any super pets cause they were all dead. I read the tale with joy and expect more like this. Also its nice to see your love for the planet earth and its need to be proactive in its defense.

Match - Amazingly you came thorugh on this one and though you only had to neuter one super-pet you chose quite a few. You get an A+ for effort.

Jon IG - Going for the luck dragon is pretty low. Thats very Henchman but the result was a little too clean. Heroes may have it that good but Henchmen oftten don't.

So to end this rather painful round the winner is....



Cyclops said...

Hey! I thought Henchman said this was a slackers only, non-elimination round!

Henchman432 said...

If you want to play, then play.

Gyrobo said...

Wow, I looked great back in high school.