Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Match :Challenge 2

You know this disguising myself as Super loser has somewhat paid off. I got this cheerleader's phone number who's been hanging around the hotel. That and got a real good look at her with X-ray Vision. I mean a really good look.

The problem was I was too distracted to hear the next assignment all I heard was Dr. Doom. Suh-Weet! The biggest bad guy on the planet. Or top five at least. I fly to Latveria hoping to make a good impression.

At Castle Doom I'm greeted by some old guy named Boris. "You're one of those from that Henchman show? The master is waiting for you."

We walk down this long corridor, until he opens up this door and instead of Doom I get this.

"What the? A kid?" I yell.

“Yes you are to take care of young Kristoff, and be sure he does not get into too much mischief while Dr. Doom is gone. Good day Mr. Match is it?"

"Yeah" I say before I turn around, and find the brat is already gone. I find him in the Doom-Bot control room. As I open the door I'm attacked by Doom bots, and some of them have Kryptonite.

I barely get out, after crushing the lot of them. I'm bleeding, and sore, and one of the Doom bots kept calling me a "fat cow" man that one must have really been malfunctioning.

I don't want to explain this one to Doom So I throw all the Doom-bot parts into the Time Machine it's not like it can cause any problems in the past right?

“Conquer for Doom!"

After flying around the castle I find him with a devolving ray turning all of the servants into apes.

By this time I had more than enough. “Okay you little brat, you're going back to your room, and you're doing it this second!"

“You can't make me clone!" he takes a green rock out of his pocket how much Green K does Doom have? Funny thing about Kryptonite, you have to be pretty close for it to work.

This kid was on the other side of one of those comically large tables you see in rich people dining rooms on sitcoms. Not close enough for me to even feel a tingle. I reached out with my Tactile Telekinesis, and grabbed the kid as on as he hit the floor.

“What? I'm stuck what happened?" he screams as I push the rock away from his hand. At this moment I get an idea. With a little Super Ventriloquism I make a scary voice come out of the wall. “I’m the Boogey man and I gobble up bad little boys! If you don't mind you will be next!"

The kid screams and runs back into his room hiding under his bed. He didn't move since in fact I even took a nap, and he was still there. When Doom came back he was surprised that Kristoff was quiet for once.

“I would give you a bonus but Doom is afraid that your fee will go to replacing all the doom -bots you and young Kristoff destroyed."



captain koma said...

Ok that was cute.

A nice distraction.

You used the Kristoff angle and kept to FF cannon. The purists would be happy.

Unfortunately I'm no purist.

Doom's got time traavel and other devices.

More creativity next time.

If there is a next time.

Henchman432 said...

Good job, I like the idea of scaring children. Good thing you don't have to change his sheets in the morning.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I fought a Doom caveman once. He totally fell for the old "your shoelaces are untied" gag.

Cyclops said...

There you go, toughen that kid up. Make a man out of him.