Sunday, January 18, 2009

Introducing your Judge Jury and future employer

Yes thats right the grand prize is working for me.
Captain Koma.

-whisper whisper whisper-

Ummm! What was that Henchy?

- whisper whisper whisper -

They're not going to be working for me. Awwww!

Oh well at least I'm going to be your Judge for this contest. Yes thats right the tables have been turned and your all going to be subject to my own subtle whims. When I say jump you'll say how high. When I say attack, you'll attack. And when I say massage my manky toes you'll throw up and then do it.

Now on with the judging.....

Cyclops you do have great legs. But are those breasts real or are you just using chicken fillets? Your post was clumsy and foolish up till you shot Bennet in the back. Way to impress a future employer. You may suck at being an X-man but you just may have what it takes to be a henchman.

Where is the real Gyrobo? No white background, no wonderful out of context hand drawn pictures, actually finishing the challenge set. This cannot be Gyrobo.

Mr Bennet. Ah! where do begin. Your Henchmen evilness must be lacking. A true Henchman would have killed Mariah Carey or at least financed another movie staring her. Your weak attempt at double entendre battle with white cracker Two-Face, mildly funny. Not as bad as the others but below par for you.

Nepheria, my sweet bundle of sith. Your manga transformation wasn't as shocking as I thought but only henchy finds that sexy. But where was the blood and the gore as your lightsaber took apart those goons who were protecting the dragon balls. I don't think you understand what this is. Its worlds toughest henchman. We want to find the toughest. Better prove yourself darling, I expected you to be a Jedi Electra not a Jedi Miss Tessmacher.

Jon IG yes you have delt with Henchmen before and it shows. You succeded in being underhanded when dealing with Bulma. Your Dragon Ball was full of information required to make the Henchman Union's Christmas in July party a huge success. However you forgot the big monster that was guarding the Dragon Ball. To leave out that battle was a dissapointment.

Match I liked the use of disguise, I liked the dragons and the fact that you used your brain in getting a hold of your ball (see I can do it too). However a real Henchmen is not subtle and who remembers what happened in LGS unless you like gee I don't know, put a link to it.

Well there's my roasting of you all. If this was an elimination round I'd elminiate a few of you.

Yet there has to be a winner.

Cyclops..... you did the one thing that I will always love shooting Bennet in the back. But you didn't win.

Jon you win, you made me laugh.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Apparently I'm being drawn by Liefeld.

Mr. Bennet said...

Koma always seems to fall for the muscular men.

Cyclops said...

Nice package, Jon.

Nepharia said...

Congratulations...looks as if Koma likes the strong, silent - er - chatty type.