Monday, January 26, 2009

Final countdown.....

3, 2, 1....... and thats it.

Such a pitty that we have to say goodbye to two this week. So really there's not that much to say.

Cyclops nice work a bit more comic violence and you'd have been the clear winner. Not! Kicking a Texan while he's down may seem fun but after playing all the flash games including the one where you kick George all the way to Texas (man that was so funny for like 20mins then meh!) I'm over all the Bush bashing. Its too damn easy to go for George. Use your brain next time. Favourite line - "Uh, well it's like this Doom. I was talking to Bush and he told me that, uh, he was actually part of a, um, plot to, uh, kill you. Yeah, that's it. He was an assassin! So I blasted him."

Gyrobo your back!!!! Its kind of hard to work out the stooges that you hang around with but after the last challenge I think I'm getting to know them a bit better. Travis and Codex seem like good henchmen but when Travis' mantra is “I am not a chicken, I am not a chicken, I am not a chicken…” there's that usual Gyrobo chaos. I'd like to see you cut hair but maybe not mine. What about Jon IG's that'be fun. I still beleive you can win this.

Bennet what is going on in that balding head of yours? Are your glasses stopping the blood flow to your brain? If thats whats happening then keep it cause that lack of oxygen could find a mine of genius that you have yet to tap. Your choice of heir was different yet it showed you were thinking the way I like my henchmen to think. Utterly Politically incorrect.
"Now, the first thing any good bad guy needs to know is that women are meant to be objectified,"
Thats just too good a line to ignore. Oh and killing Brad Pitt an added extra. If Gyrobo looses his flava then your next in line.

Jon IG, you had a grumpy nanny robot a fat hyperactive heir and a terrorist plot. Ingredients that should make for a good tale. Yet it didn't end in disaster did it, NO! You fixed it all up and Doom was so happy he's scheduled you in for every saturday night for the next 2 years. Bad fat jokes and a slight at the UN are not what a Henchman does. If there had not been 2 late commers and Match you'd have lost this round.

Ah! Match. I didn't like it like Jon IG there was enough to work but something didn't work for me. Again with the Kyptonite its like everyone's got some of that stuff. Maybe you should find out who's selling it. Maybe you should wait a bit longer to post this early posting has worked for you this round you've been lucky.

Ok now for some critical commentry on all of you.
Your choices for Doom's heir were lacklustre excpet for Bennet. Mowgli was a good idea. In fact corrupting any disney character is very much and indication of Henchman material. Other choices you could have used...

Stewie Griffen

Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs

Hillary Clinton - think about it makes sense.
Thats just three ideas off the top of my head. You could have used Dr Smith from Lost in Space, C3-PO, Christopher Walken, Donkey from Shrek. Such a waste to not use them.

The winner for this round is........

I can't believe I'm doing this, but it was the best.

Bennet you win. You do have experience in turing innocent ones to evil.


Mr. Bennet said...

The final countdown!

captain koma said...

thats not the John Farnham version.

Mr. Bennet said...

I originally wanted an Arrested Development clip, but couldn't find one in which "It's the final countdown" could be heard.

Anyway, yeah, I totally deserved the win.