Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting together

Ladies and Gents,

Word of mouth about World Toughest Henchmen (WTH) is building a following. However, some of you might like to start at a later time. I just put a poll, please vote.

PS. I am the King of Typos.

Dental for all.

Raptor Jesus rules.


Professor Xavier said...

Where's Hudson? I would have thought this would be right up his alley.

captain koma said...

That poll was hard to find.

I wont be availible till 16th of Jan.

Gyrobo said...

So the actual competition definitely won't even begin until the 16th of January, at the earliest?

captain koma said...

C'mon you nong update the flaming thing. You keep people interested by putting stuff up. Jokes, stupid stuff. Maybe even a form guide as to who do you think is going to win.

This is your baby. Keep it alive.